Do i need coding skills for seo?

You can do a good job of SEO without touching the code. Wait a minute and try again. Essentially, search engine optimization programming is not necessary to succeed in SEO. Most current content management systems (CMS) have basic SEO functionality built-in (for example, you can usually follow the step-by-step instructions online to optimize the back-end part of your website).

Most of the time, doing SEO doesn't require coding knowledge. However, there is some basic HTML %26 CSS code you can find, and knowing some basic knowledge about HTML and CSS programming languages can help you do SEO more effectively. I have a bachelor's degree in computer science; I have 5 years of practical experience in C and C++ and 1 year of teaching experience. It takes a lifetime to become a good “C” programmer.

Programmers who are very good at 'C' have been programming for the past 10 to 15 years. This is the #1 Reason Many Marketers Give Up Coding. They tried to learn too much. It takes a lifetime to become a good programmer.

You DON'T need to learn to code to get SEO results. But it doesn't hurt to have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP or javascript. All you need to do as an SEO expert is to know how to identify technical problems. Then you can work with a developer who will fix everything.

An SEO specialist also needs to understand how to blog effectively for link building. One of the best ways to get links for your website is to write blogs and buy them on other relevant sites. These blogs should not be specifically about your service, but rather a piece of general information that showcases your experience and includes a link to your site. An SEO unicorn is a person who has all the skills necessary to do all aspects of search engine optimization.

You gain a better understanding of the technical side of a website that hones your SEO and analysis skills. With mainstream programming languages, SEO specialists can make changes to the website without breaking the real code. The point is that content is a crucial element in modern SEO, and to stay relevant in the game, you need to improve your content marketing skills. When considering how you or your SEO service provider manages your optimization, pay attention to these 10 skills.

But according to Roque Pospos, in-house SEO specialist at Flexisource IT, the short answer is NO, SEO doesn't normally require much practical coding, but it's a good skill to master. SEO is a report-based process, so any SEO professional who doesn't have strong analytical skills won't be able to monitor their successes and failures. On WordPress it presents the 6 different types in an easy-to-use way, but eventually you'll need to understand the code that creates them, such as when you look at a website to see if it's SEO friendly or not without having access to the backend. However, there are times when SEO can challenge its technical side beyond the small snippets of code mentioned above.

To discuss further, here is an article explaining why SEO coding skills are excellent capabilities. If you are an experienced programmer who wants to take your technical skills to the next level or if you are a company that develops and sells 'SEO Tools', I suggest you learn Python, jQuery %26 JSON. Considering that SEO is so closely entangled in the development of your website and your pages, it's no wonder why ask if coding is a necessary skill to do search engine optimization well. .

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